Engage Your Social Media Followers with These Tips

You’ve made your social media accounts for your business, but you’re not getting the likes, comments, or follows that you expected. Here are five things you can do to increase your following on social media.

Share content consistently

Get on a schedule of posting regularly. The exact amount you post depends on your target demographics and your business. You don’t want to overwhelm customers by flooding their feed with your content, but you don’t want them to forget about you, either.

Decide how many times per day or per week you want to post, and stick with it.

Be Responsive

If a customer comments on your post, reply back! Strive to answer questions about your business. Thank a commenter if they say something positive on your post. You can’t always respond to everyone, but make a point to look through the comments every day and reply to a few.

Post sharable, interactive and viral content

Not everything has to be serious or directly related to your business. Post a funny meme, a viral video, or even a photo with a question. Encourage your followers to interact with you. If they like it enough, they’ll share the content, exposing you to potential new customers. 

Follow and engage with others

Follow people that use hashtags related to your business. Comment on their posts – not about your business, but about what they posted. This works better on some platforms rather than others. For example, I wouldn’t use this so much on Facebook, but I would for Instagram.

You can also share others’ content, or feature certain followers. For example, you could create a unique hashtag for your business and share a photo that a customer posted using the hashtag.

Use analytics

Finally, use data to determine which of your posts are most successful. Then, post more like that one. Find out what times of day your followers are most likely to be online. Generally, people are online most often around noon and then again in the evening. However, your target demographic may be different.

With a little bit of work, your business will be successful on social media. Feeling overwhelmed? Consider hiring a social media expert who will create content and post it for you.